John, Bishop Hartley High School, Senior Photo Session

John is a Bishop Hartley High School Class of 2015 Senior who chose Robb Shirey Photography for his High School Senior Photos.

John is a super laid back guy who completely rocked the suit and tie look.  We were joking around that the last two images in his group could be used for any of his future Senate campaign head shots.  I don’t know if he’s interested in a future in government – but man this kid has the hair and look for it!  John was a rock star. That’s all that needs to be said.  Great job John!

JohnEvans-High-School-Senior-Photo-SessionJohnEvans-High-School-Senior-Photo-SessionJohnEvans-High-School-Senior-Photo-Session JohnEvans-High-School-Senior-Photo-Session JohnEvans-High-School-Senior-Photo-Session


DJ, St. Francis DeSales High School, Senior Photo Session

What can I say about DJ?  Well, his mom is my son’s Sunday School teacher and has been so great.  She brought up the idea of having DJ come in for his Senior Pictures but said he was hesitant.  He was “only” coming in to make her happy.  He was a tough nut to crack but once he relaxed (and found out how cool I really am), we started to have fun.   I love how his images turned out and his mom was thrilled.  Good luck at ODU next year!

DJStrapp-1-High-School-Senior-72ppiDJStrapp-2-High-School-Senior-72ppiDJStrapp-3-High-School-Senior-72ppi DJStrapp-4-High-School-Senior-72ppiDJStrapp-5-High-School-Senior-72ppi


Meredith, Gahanna Lincoln High School, Senior Photo Session

Gahanna Lincoln High School Class of 2015 Senior Meredith chose Robb Shirey Photography for her Senior Photographer. Gahanna Lincoln High School Senior Photographer.

As often as I photograph High School Seniors with their instruments, I rarely actually get to hear them play.  Meredith played part of the Gahanna Lincoln High School fight song and it was awesome.  I’m always amazed at musical ability. (mainly because I don’t have a musical bone in my body).   She opted for Hair and Make up from my selected salon (Refuge at the Mill) in Gahanna. She wanted to stay  mainly in the Gahanna Studio but I was able to talk her into venturing outside and hit a few of my favorite spots.  I love the last image on the stairs!

These images are just an example of why professional hair and make up services are a must when you are scheduling your high school senior pictures.  Look at Meredith’s eyes, they are flawless.  Some people will look at this and think that they have been altered in some way.  The sharp lines and perfect shading is why you pay a make up artist to do their job.

Good luck to Meredith with the rest of her senior year and beyond!

Gahanna Lincoln High School Senior Pictures Gahanna Lincoln High School Senior PicturesGahanna Lincoln High School Senior PicturesGahanna Lincoln High School Senior Pictures Gahanna Lincoln High School Senior Pictures


Jenna, Bishop Hartley High School, Senior Photo Session

Jenna is jus amazing.  She’s already joined the Army Reserves and will be headed off to bootcamp right after she graduates from Bishop Hartley High School.  I’m always amazed by the commitment of these young adults.  Good luck Jenna – I know you will go far!

JennaHasson-29-High-School-Senior-72ppiJennaHasson-108-High-School-Senior-72ppi JennaHasson-191-High-School-Senior-72ppi JennaHasson-208-High-School-Senior-72ppi JennaHasson-323-High-School-Senior-72ppi JennaHasson-370-High-School-Senior-72ppi


Seraiah, Westerville High School, Senior Photo Session

I learned pretty quickly that Seraiah has spent most of her life in the dance studio.  She’s got her eyes set on the fashion industry and could barely contain herself when she was telling me about meeting one of the Victoria’s Secret Supermodels.  Seraiah – you ARE a supermodel – don’t ever forget it!


SeraiahWells-089-72ppiSeraiahWells-019-72ppi SeraiahWells-303-72ppiSeraiahWells-348-72ppiSeraiahWells-578-72ppiSeraiahWells-062-72ppi



Oh Valentine

Remember (back in the day) when you would go to the grocery store and buy a box of Valentine’s Day cards to give out to your friends at school?  I remember FREAKING out one year because I swore I wrote cards to all of my classmates but when I counted them I was one short… Yep, that was me… I didn’t write one to myself and couldn’t figure out that’s who was missing.  Well – today I’m a little smarter and can figure that one out pretty quick.

The days of the boxed Valentines are gone and it’s become sort of a tradition that my daughter gives out her own CUSTOM Valentine cards each year.  I pretend to grumble and groan at her over the whole thing but secretly – I love it.  I love seeing how she’s growing up before my eyes and is really becoming such a beautiful person.  Sure she has braces right now and a few freckles but that’s who she is, an amazing 9 year old!  I also like the fact that she wants to pick out the layout and the wording so it’s really a collaboration and valuable time together.  She’ll make an amazing art director some day!

Happy Valentine’s Day Camille – I hope you love your cards.