Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions




Gahanna Family Photos – Johnson Family

Sometimes when I meet a family for a session I can instantly tell how much fun we are going to have right off the bat.  When I met the Johnson Family at the St. Matthew Athletic Field in Gahanna, I knew in an instant that we were going to have  a blast.  The kids were awesome and they helped keep the family pet, Sage, occupied while we walked from location to location.  Oddly enough, within the first 2 minutes of shooting this session, Sage sat up and looked right at me for the perfect family portrait!  As a photographer, I never know how the pets are going to react to being outside and having to sit still for a shot.  This session just goes to prove that you CAN include the family pet in your photos and can have some amazing results.  I can’t wait to see the Johnson Family’s holiday card for 2013 decorated with a few of my images!




Gahanna Lincoln High School Seniors

Dena contacted me last fall and was interested in scheduling her twin boy’s Senior Portrait Session. We discussed her session options and she wanted to make sure I would photograph them together. I wanted to be sure that I was careful to give both guys the individual attention they deserved. As a High School Senior, having your portraits taken are almost a right of passage. I strive to ensure each senior session is unique, and the kids have an enjoyable time. One that they will remember when they are taking their own kids in for Senior Photos.

Nicko and Costa are twins but are truly two unique individuals. They are both talented kids with a passion for soccer and are both looking forward to playing in college. In the evenings and weekends they can be found helping out with the family’s Greek restaurant (Mykonos). They work as servers, manage the cash register and I have even seen them behind the grill. They both have such outgoing personalities being servers and working with people comes naturally to them.

Help me wish them luck as they start the next phase of their lives. Wherever they land, I’m sure that their family and a soccer ball will not be far away.




Ryan – Drooling at 6 months

These were the finals that mom selected.  She had trouble picking which ones she really wanted, I think she did well!  I love the drip of drool in the image on the left.

Happy Easter little dude! Don’t let your brothers eat all of your candy.


Portraits of Kahlen – Future Grammy Winner

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kahlen a few weeks ago.  He is a local musician and has recorded his own demo CD to start showing his work around town.  After hearing one of his songs “While u can”, there is no doubt that he’ll go somewhere with his musical talent.  He published a few of his songs on SoundCloud, go check him out!  He even promised to give me a “shout out” as he’s accepting his Grammy :)  I said whatever, you can even wait until they start playing the exit music and just mention my name.  I’m proud that I will be able to say “I knew him when….”  Best of luck Kahlen, go make your dreams happen!


Ryan at 6 months

Ryan – Gahanna Children’s Portrait

I love this age!  Ryan came in for his 6 month session and it’s always fun to see how the kids are developing.  Some can fully sit up on their own at this age and some… not so much.  Ryan is trying to sit up, but really resembles something more like a weeble-wobble.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s completely adorable but in the blink of an eye (or quicker) he could be face down on the floor.  Luckily mom has reflexes like a jungle cat and was able to keep him from bonking his noggin.

The little trooper lasted about 25 minutes before he let us know that the session was over.  As soon as his bottom hit the car seat, his eyes were closed and he was off to dreamland.  I can’t wait for our next session.  I wonder if he will be trying to take his first steps.

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