We Are The Seen Top 10

We Are The Seen – Top 10 Image

Recently I’ve joined a group called “The Seen” which consists of a group of High School Senior Photographers who want to push the boundaries of traditional Senior Portraits into a story telling experience.  Each month there are challenges that are both meant to push the creativity of the artist and give the senior a chance to be part of a real production.

The challenge for May was “Land Of the Free”.  When I think of Americana, I instantly think of the 60’s and 70’s American muscle cars.  I think of the power and sense of pride that came out of Detroit.

I brought together my group of models, lined up some amazing American muscle cars and spent an afternoon shooting some fun drag racing images.  Don’t worry, the cars were never actually driven!  These are far to valuable to let a bunch of high school kids start street racing around. Not to mention that street racing is illegal (last time I checked)

I’m pretty pumped to announce that this group was chosen as We Are The Seen TOP 10!  Click HERE to view our images and the other 9 talented photographers who were selected this month!

Great job to all of my models!

Watch the blog for more challenges!


Summer 2015 Scavenger Hunt

Announcing the Summer Break 2015 Scavenger Hunt!  Check out the details below and make sure to share this with your friends.  The winner of the scavenger hunt will receive a $200 gift card to Victoria’s Secret/Pink.  Now is a perfect time to pickup a new bathing suit for the summer and what’s better than $20 in your pocket?  TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS IN YOUR POCKET!   Can’t wait to see all of the posts!



We Are The Seen Featured Photographer April 2015

I’m so excited to announce that one of the images from our April We Are the Seen has been selected to be included in the Look Book and is featured on right now!  Check out the On The Seen selections!  Thanks to Abbie, Alaina, Kylie, Nicole, Miranda and Hallie for braving the cold while still looking fabulous!  A special thanks goes to Kylee Miller, owner of [BE] SOCIAL Dress Boutique, for styling the girls, providing their amazing outfits as well as helping out with all of the makeup!

We just wrapped up the May concept which was “Land of The Free” and they look AWESOME!  Contact the studio if you would like to be considered for future concept shoots.

RobbShireyPhotography-Entourage-2 RobbShireyPhotography-Entourage-4 RobbShireyPhotography-Entourage


50 in Bling

Jewels for Prom 2015 Contest

50 in Bling

So you have the perfect dress, the perfect shoes but what about your Jewels?  We’re announcing an Instagram Contest just in time for PROM!

Robb Shirey Photography has teamed up with [BE] SOCIAL Dress Boutique to pick a winner to receive $50 in Jewelry from [BE] SOCIAL!

How to enter

Go follow both @robbshirey and @be_social_dressboutique on Instagram and like the contest post to be entered into the drawing.  The winner must be following both businesses in order to be considered.

We will announce the winner on Instagram on Friday, April 10th!  Good Luck!


Devin, Dublin Jerome High School, High School Senior Photo Session

Devin is a Class of 2015 High School Senior from Dublin Jerome High School who brought along her best friend, Lilly, for her senior photo session.

We scheduled Devin’s session for late in hopes to take advantage of all the fall foliage.  We were lucky enough to have some seriously amazing temperatures and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  This made for some really great light.

I love when my seniors bring a friend along because you really get to see the “real” smiles and giggles that only a best friend can bring out.  They constantly snapped selfies and posted snapchats. (oh yea, you can follow my story on snapchat @robbshirey)  I also use the friends as my built in mobile reflector holder.  There were some wind gust and we thought we were going to lose Lilly a few times.    We hit one of my favorite grassy fields, stopped by Creekside and finished up in the Gahanna Studio.  I love her style.  Each of her outfits really complimented her body and attitude.  As you may be able to tell in a few of these photos – she is a fitness buff.  I think she has bigger guns than I do!  She may or may not have lyrics from a Dave Matthews Band song tattooed on her body and is one of the coolest girls I’ve come across.

Devin is headed of to fulfill her dream of attending The University of Kentucky in the fall and we wish her good luck! I can’t wait to hear all about college!

DevinSadler-5-High-School-Senior-72ppi DevinSadler-9-High-School-Senior-72ppi DevinSadler-19-High-School-Senior-72ppi DevinSadler-22-High-School-Senior-340pxDevinSadler-24-High-School-Senior-340pxDevinSadler-30-High-School-Senior-340pxDevinSadler-43-High-School-Senior-340pxDevinSadler-49-High-School-Senior-340pxDevinSadler-64-High-School-Senior-340px



John, Bishop Hartley High School, Senior Photo Session

John is a Bishop Hartley High School Class of 2015 Senior who chose Robb Shirey Photography for his High School Senior Photos.

John is a super laid back guy who completely rocked the suit and tie look.  We were joking around that the last two images in his group could be used for any of his future Senate campaign head shots.  I don’t know if he’s interested in a future in government – but man this kid has the hair and look for it!  John was a rock star. That’s all that needs to be said.  Great job John!

JohnEvans-High-School-Senior-Photo-SessionJohnEvans-High-School-Senior-Photo-SessionJohnEvans-High-School-Senior-Photo-Session JohnEvans-High-School-Senior-Photo-Session JohnEvans-High-School-Senior-Photo-Session