Alli, Gahanna Lincoln High School, Senior Photo Session

I was so excited when Alli showed up for her High School Senior Session.  She opted for hair and makeup prior to her session and I have to say – it really looks great!  We went from a metro park to the heart of Downtown Columbus.  She rocked every shot!


AlliStreet-7436-High-School-Senior-72ppiAlliStreet-7644-High-School-Senior-72ppiAlliStreet-7583-High-School-Senior-72ppiAlliStreet-7637-High-School-Senior-72ppi  AlliStreet-7700-High-School-Senior-72ppi AlliStreet-7761-High-School-Senior-72ppi


Seraiah, Westerville High School, Senior Photo Session

I learned pretty quickly that Seraiah has spent most of her life in the dance studio.  She’s got her eyes set on the fashion industry and could barely contain herself when she was telling me about meeting one of the Victoria’s Secret Supermodels.  Seraiah – you ARE a supermodel – don’t ever forget it!


SeraiahWells-089-72ppiSeraiahWells-019-72ppi SeraiahWells-303-72ppiSeraiahWells-348-72ppiSeraiahWells-578-72ppiSeraiahWells-062-72ppi



Devon, Watkins Memorial High School, Senior Photo Session

During our Senior Photo consultation with Devon and her mom, I found out that she has a family farm not far from Columbus.  I’ve actually been to a sale that they hold at the farm every fall.  It’s been a dream of mine to photograph a senior on the property.  It was either karma or fate because I was given the chance.  Hands down this was my favorite high school senior session of the year.  Not only was I shooting in my dream location – Devon is soo easy to photograph.  Just take a look at her!


Devon-8217-HighSchoolSenior-72ppiDevon-8144-HighSchoolSenior-72ppi Devon-8344-High-School-Senior-72ppi Devon-8406-High-School-Senior-72ppi Devon-8483-High-School-Senior-72ppi Devon-8717-High-School-Senior-72ppi


Oh Valentine

Remember (back in the day) when you would go to the grocery store and buy a box of Valentine’s Day cards to give out to your friends at school?  I remember FREAKING out one year because I swore I wrote cards to all of my classmates but when I counted them I was one short… Yep, that was me… I didn’t write one to myself and couldn’t figure out that’s who was missing.  Well – today I’m a little smarter and can figure that one out pretty quick.

The days of the boxed Valentines are gone and it’s become sort of a tradition that my daughter gives out her own CUSTOM Valentine cards each year.  I pretend to grumble and groan at her over the whole thing but secretly – I love it.  I love seeing how she’s growing up before my eyes and is really becoming such a beautiful person.  Sure she has braces right now and a few freckles but that’s who she is, an amazing 9 year old!  I also like the fact that she wants to pick out the layout and the wording so it’s really a collaboration and valuable time together.  She’ll make an amazing art director some day!

Happy Valentine’s Day Camille – I hope you love your cards.




Arika, Bishop Hartley High School, Senior Photo Session

Arika is a Senior at Bishop Hartley High School and came to the studio for her Senior Portraits this past fall.  She wanted something that was fun and not posed.  I think we did a pretty good job of making her look natural.  She didn’t flinch when I asked her to go stand in the creek!  So much fun!!







Loie, Gahanna Lincoln High School, Senior Photo Session

Loie has to be one of the coolest guys I was able to photograph this year.  He is a baseball player at Gahanna Lincoln High School and wanted one of his locations to be at the ball diamond.  He lined it up with his coach before the session and the gate was supposed to be unlocked.  Well, when we arrived the day of the shoot the gates were all locked up like Fort Knox.  I said, “Let’s just jump the fence. I mean as long as it’s ok with your mom”.  He didn’t hesitate and scaled the 10 foot fence like nobody’s business.  He was standing at the top of the fence and says, “It doesn’t look that high.”  At the same time I was trying to tell him not to jump, he jumps…  He lands safely but slips in the soft “mud” around the park.  Luckily the only thing that touched the mud was his right hand.  I don’t know how he pulled that off but i’m thankful that he didn’t get hurt.  Lesson: Don’t jump from a 10 foot fence – especially on your Senior Picture Day! Good Luck at Wittenberg next year!


LoieGreenwood-107-72ppiLoieGreenwood-290-72ppiLoieGreenwood-155   LoieGreenwood-322